1. howibloggedyourmother:

    this is the greatest blooper 

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  2. kevc:

    Washed the Nudies yesterday. Pink slippers not included.

  3. kevc:

    The Cat Returns (2002)

  4. The Shining cuckoo clock by artist Chris Dimino. At the top of every hour, Jack Torrance breaks through the door and says “Here’s Johnny!”, followed by the piercing scream of his wife Wendy!

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  5. lovingfoss666:

    the first step to robbing a bank is picking out a cute outfit

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  6. wannyy:



    Of course the sun leaves just a soon as I go outside… D:

    Giiiirl you look hot ;)

    It was very warm yes *__*

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  12. xtoxictears:

    This is one of my favourite pictures of Kagura. She likes to sit like a people and watch the laptop/TV.

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  14. adriofthedead:

    someone give this dude a medal

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